What’s New in Data: Google Next ’24 Recap


Jun 12, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event
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Google Cloud innovations are showing great momentum. The Google Cloud team is focused on creating all necessary capabilities for enterprises of all sizes to succeed with AI. The challenge is that the Google Cloud ecosystem is growing fast, and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and miss updates. During this session, we will focus on bringing you the innovations that excite us the most in data, from tiny integration connectors to the advantages of using Gemini 1.5 concerning environmental impact.

Our guest, Axel Thevenot, is the Lead Data Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud and a Champion at Google Cloud. He has three years of experience using Google Cloud products and ensuring clients succeed. Axel has numerous articles on Medium and LinkedIn with hands-on deep dives into Google Cloud data products; he also contributes to the open source community within the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Yuliia, CEO at Masthead Data, will discuss the broader picture of GCP strategy and bring to your attention a few releases on data quality, data governance, and strategies for how other companies are succeeding with AI on Google Cloud.

At What's New in Data: Google Next ’24 Recap, Axel and Yuliia will focus on:

  • A recap of changes in the last year
  • A guess at what will come in the current year
  • Is GenAI the current need of Google’s customers?
  • A discussion on BigQuery’s perspectives


  • Yuliia Tkachova

    Masthead Data


  • Axel Thevenot

    Devoteam G Cloud

    Lead Data Engineer

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