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Upcoming events

21 may 2024

2Chat Virtual Event

Google Cloud Startups AMA: All Things Gemini

Let's get together virtually for a quality discussion about anything you want to talk about related to AI! Bring questions, solutions, or roadblocks you want to discuss with our team. We're here to help and guide you!

22 may 2024

2Learn Virtual Event

Flee or Fight: Unleashing GenAI's Power for Customer-Centric Growth

Are you ready to fight for your future with GenAI by your side, or will you flee the opportunities it presents? In a world driven by data and innovation, that decision can define the trajectory of your organization. This insightful webinar empowers you to actively chart your course towards growth with the transformative capabilities of GenAI.

11 jun 2024

2Learn Virtual Event

Cut Through Complexity: Speed Up Development and Enhance Deployment Security

Discover new integrations that simplify the modern DevSecOps workflow, reduce complexity, and enhance security. See a live demo showcasing rapid application deployment from GitLab to Google Cloud. This session benefits both developers and tech leaders.

12 jun 2024

2Learn Virtual Event

What’s New in Data: Google Next ’24 Recap

Google Cloud shipped 208 releases in the last eight months. Many of those new releases are improvements in BigQuery and the surrounding ecosystem, and of course, AI. The main goal is to ensure organizations of all sizes can use AI and benefit from it. Together with Axel, a Google Cloud Innovator and data practitioner, Yulia will discuss the hottest and most practical data releases at Next '24.

Past events

2Learn Virtual Event

Achieving Operational Resilience in Financial Services

23 abr 2024

2Learn Virtual Event

Reflect & Connect: Next ‘24 in Review

17 abr 2024

2Learn Virtual Event

Operationalizing AI Governance: A Look into Google SAIF, NIST AI RMF, and ISO Standards

3 abr 2024

2Chat Virtual Event

Scaling an Enterprise Software with Fulfilld and Southwire

2 abr 2024

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