Monetizing Customer Data to Unlock New and High-Margin Revenue Streams

Wed, Jun 14, 9:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

There are a number of factors making it more challenging to effectively engage with customers, and driving meaningful customer engagement is strongly correlated with creating shareholder value. As a result, multiple categories of businesses are looking to monetize their data while increasing customer engagement. Data monetization clears a path to better business outcomes in an environment which is growing increasingly protective of personal data.

With the eventual deprecation of 3rd party cookies, an increasing amount of privacy legislation, and ongoing platform changes, brands with strong first-party data—collected in a privacy- and consent-compliant way—have a distinct advantage. This data can be valuable for enhancing personalization and customer experience while also generating new revenue streams.

Publicis Sapient’s data monetization solutions provide an end-to-end solution to realize the revenue from monetizing your data, including strategy, technology build, marketplace access, and managing operations. Publicis Sapient is uniquely positioned for data monetization. From strategy to design and build, we bring together the strength of the entire Publicis Group and its unique ecosystem to enable a holistic strategy, technology, and organizational structure. Our modular capabilities support end-to-end delivery.

In this C2C Chat, we’ll discuss how to create actionable insights from first-party customer data to drive new sources of revenue. Beyond traditional loyalty programs, dive deep into expanding and diversifying your data usage in an impactful way. From media network implementations to data marketplaces, explore how to break down silos, amplify customer signal, gain a deeper understanding of your business, and drive meaningful growth through relevant, personalized customer engagement and business optimization.

Learn more about the building blocks of data monetization with an end-to-end approach:

  • Strategy: identifying the business case and ways your organization can monetize data
  • Technology: designing, building, and implementing the solution
  • Marketplace access: connecting the data channels relevant to advertisers and supplier partners
  • Management and Operations: running the monetization solution

At Monetizing Customer Data to Unlock New and High Margin Revenue Streams, our speaker will discuss:

  • Five ways to identify data monetization opportunities
  • The benefits of data monetization
  • Sharing client stories illustrating how data monetization makes an impact

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