Let's Talk About Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)


Tue, Sep 27, 3:00 PM (UTC)

DevOps and SRE

About this event

Think of 2Chat as an informal coffee break—a chance to engage in open, honest conversation and share current work, ongoing challenges, and what makes you excited for the future.

For this chat, C2C welcomes Carlos Rojas, Principal Customer Engineer at Google, to unpack site reliability engineering (SRE). Carlos will share an overview of SRE, its key principles, and why it is beneficial to adopt for an enterprise, including:

  • The what and why of SRE
  • DevOps vs SRE
  • SRE Vocabulary
  • SLIs
  • SLO vs SLA
  • SLO Examples
  • Further reading recommendations for SRE Engineers

We will reserve time at the end for questions and a chat with the speaker.

Visit our previous content about SRE and join the C2C SRE Community to continue the conversation.


  • Carlos Jose Rojas Reyes

    Google Cloud

    Principal Customer Engineer

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Google Cloud