Hey Sudhir, How Can I Manage My Data?

Mon, Feb 13, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

"New oil."

That's the long-trending nickname given to company data.

Like oil, data is a precious resource. But you need a refinery—or the correct infrastructure—to manage and uncover its full potential.

Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Cloud for Data and Analytics, can help with that. Sudhir oversees all of Google Cloud’s data management resources. Join C2C for a 2Chat event where Sudhir will share the knowledge he uses in his role to help customers:

  • Browse and discover the power of data
  • Describe data in a scalable catalog
  • Share data throughout a company and beyond in a marketplace style
  • Track the data usage and lifecycle through transformation and dashboarding

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