From Fiction to Reality: Navigating Generative AI Amidst Rapid Change

Thu, Jun 15, 4:30 PM (BST)

About this event

Join us as we dive into the world of generative AI and natural language processing, exploring the impact of these technologies on user experiences, workflow automation, and productivity. While not miracle cures, these powerful tools are becoming crucial for companies building their own software. Cut through the hype and learn how to integrate generative AI into your solutions in a rapidly changing landscape.

Part 1: Understanding the Generative AI Landscape

To kick off the event, we will clarify the different aspects and layers of the generative AI ecosystem, from large language models (LLMs) and fine tuned models for specific use cases to applications being built on top without AI capabilities in house. We'll then delve into the tangible impacts of generative AI on user experience, workflow automation, and productivity, sharing real-life examples from knowledge management, finance, healthcare, and retail.

Part 2: Crafting a Pragmatic Strategy for Integrating Generative AI

In the next segment, we'll focus on exploring how to develop strategies for integrating generative AI into your environments. We'll start by examining how people are genuinely using AI today, from creativity to typing, and addressing the practical issues they face. Next, we'll learn about the design approach of augmented intelligence and how to effectively combine human and AI capabilities. We'll then dive into the importance of being modular, especially when it comes to database management and interaction with generative AI. To conclude, we'll explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as the market continues to evolve and learn how to leverage the ever-growing range of tools and technologies to stay ahead in the rapidly changing AI landscape.