Engineering for High Capacity: Handling Millions of Daily Consumers


Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

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Application Development

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In today's fast-paced digital business era, staying ahead requires a cloud infrastructure that not only scales effortlessly but also delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Harlem Next’s use of Firestore Datastore ensures real-time data access and seamless scalability, meaning its business can expand its operations without worrying about infrastructure limitations, making it ready for the future.

Cloud Functions, Google Cloud’s serverless event-driven resource, is at the core of Harlem Next's capabilities. It empowers applications to respond dynamically to user interactions, processing data and triggering actions instantly. This level of responsiveness enhances user experiences and fosters customer loyalty, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and revenue growth.

The consumption of Pub/Sub, Google Cloud's messaging technology, allows Harlem Next to distribute data and events seamlessly across applications and services over the whole globe. Pub/Sub architecture ensures a reliable and secure delivery of messages, enabling real-time communication between various components of Harlem Next’s cloud infrastructure.

One of the key highlights of Harlem Next is its exceptional capacity to handle dozens of thousands of user interactions per second. This performance milestone is a testament to its robust architecture, which can effortlessly handle spikes in user activity.

The cherry on the cake comes from the seamless integration of Firestore and BigQuery, enabling Harlem Next’s business unit to experiment and learn fast from the market and users that daily interact with its platforms.


  • Otto Gori

    Harlem Next

    Google Cloud Architect & SRE

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