Data Quality: Trust Through Observability, Semantic Layers, and Catalogs


Dec 12, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Virtual event
Data Analytics

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As organizations scale and onboard new technologies, trust in your data is paramount in fighting growing pains. Join us on a journey to discover the potential of trustworthy data for informed decision-making. Learn when and why to implement these essential practices and kickstart data governance, quality, and observability. Google Cloud stack solutions are available to make it happen.

Yuliia Tkachova, Co-Founder and CEO at Masthead Data, and Dumky de Wilde, Senior Analytics Engineer at Xebia Data, will discuss their perspectives from companies that put data quality first. They’ll share how to enhance data reliability and the far-reaching consequences of neglecting this critical aspect.

At Data Quality: Trust Through Observability, Semantic Layers, and Catalogs, our speakers will focus on:

  • The data quality framework and its vital role
  • The distinction between “data quality” and “data observability” and why it's pivotal for your organization
  • A fresh perspective on data observability
  • The why’s (and why not’s) on your organization’s need for semantic layers and data catalogs
  • Quantifying necessity in data quality framework
  • Exploring go-to solutions in the Google Cloud stack to fortify data trust
  • Other practices to improve data reliability across the board

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  • Yuliia Tkachova

    Masthead Data


  • Dumky de Wilde

    Xebia Data

    Analytics Engineer

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