Cut Through Complexity: Speed Up Development and Enhance Deployment Security


Jun 11, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event
DevOps and SREIdentity and Security

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At Cut Through Complexity: Speed Up Development and Enhance Deployment Security, learn how new integrations can streamline DevSecOps, making your workflows more efficient. You'll also discover reduced process steps and a live demo of deploying an application.

This session is designed for tech leaders and practitioners looking to streamline their development processes and enhance security protocols. Here's what we'll cover:

  • The Modern DevSecOps Workflow: Learn how DevSecOps is changing and why it's important to change now. We'll discuss the pressures of modern software demands and how integrating tools like GitLab and Google Cloud can effectively address these challenges.
  • New Integrations: Dive into the latest features and how they simplify your development process. These integrations reduce steps and minimize context switching, empowering your teams to focus more on development and less on process management.
  • Live Demo: Witness the power of these integrations in action. Our live demo will show you how to deploy an application from GitLab directly to Google Cloud, illustrating the ease and speed with which projects can move from development to production.

Whether you’re a developer or a tech executive, this virtual event will provide actionable insights and firsthand experience of GitLab and Google Cloud integrations. Learn how to cut through the complexity of development challenges and use these advanced solutions to make your workflow more efficient and secure.


  • Regnard Raquedan


    Senior Partner Solutions Architect

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