Combining Services into Serverless Solutions with Google Cloud Workflows


Tue, Nov 8, 5:00 PM (UTC)


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Developers have access to powerful services and can launch new services quickly, but combining services into solutions introduces challenges like dependencies, observability, and error handling. Google Cloud Workflows simplifies the process of building and operating these solutions by coordinating everything between services.

Kris Braun, the product lead for Workflows at Google Cloud, will share how to select the right tools from Google Cloud's orchestration portfolio, which also includes Eventarc, Cloud Tasks, Cloud Scheduler, and Composer. Kris will demonstrate Workflows and its concepts, use cases, and best practices. Guests will get a look at recent feature updates, like parallel steps and event triggers. Finally, the group will discuss the Google Cloud Next ‘22 announcements and what to expect in 2023!

You can share your challenges and questions live during the scheduled meeting times or in advance of the sessions. To submit your questions in advance, create a topic for the France: Google Cloud group and tag ​@antoine.castex and @guillaume blaquiere.

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  • Kris Braun


    Senior Product Manager

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