Choosing Dataform or dbt: Transforming Raw Data and Simplifying Pipelines


Jul 24, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event
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About this event

Calling all hands-on data practitioners working in Google Cloud who want to learn about Dataform: discover how to start with it, ways to orchestrate it without pain, and how to add data and pipeline quality checks with ease.

Dataform and dbt are two directly competing data modeling solutions that help data teams keep their data transformations in order, simpler, and versioned. However, there is quite a disparity in brand awareness. With Rik Pauwels, Data Tribe Tech Lead at Devoteam, and Yuliia Tkachova, CEO and co-founder at Masthead, we will dive deep into Dataform and explain why it can be a better option for Google Cloud users.

At Choosing Dataform or dbt: Transforming Raw Data and Simplifying Pipelines, we will discuss with Rik, who has long been evangelizing dbt, why he now sees so much potential in Dataform. The speakers will focus on how to:

  • Understand how to choose between dbt and Dataform
  • Collaborate in Dataform
  • Perform data assertion tests in Dataform
  • Orchestrate Dataform pipelines without using Airflow
  • Assess the cost of running Dataform vs dbt

The session will also include demo parts, showcasing Dataform in action.

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  • Yuliia Tkachova

    Masthead Data


  • Rik Pauwels

    Devoteam G Cloud

    Tech Lead Data Tribe

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