Autonomic Security Operations: A Future-Proof Approach to Threat Management

Wed, May 31, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Many blue teams worldwide are struggling to combat adversaries effectively. The challenges of hiring skilled professionals, managing complex security operations, using inadequate tooling, meeting high costs, and achieving desired outcomes have persisted for decades. To address these issues, Google has developed Autonomic Security Operations—a new approach to reimagining traditional SecOps teams by adopting SRE-based approaches. Google’s solution allows organizations to achieve Google-scale outcomes and overcome these challenges. By establishing expertise in Autonomic Security Operations (ASO), teams can effectively tackle the problem of creating more effective and efficient security operations to better protect against adversaries.

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At Autonomic Security Operations: A Future-Proof Approach to Threat Management, Iman Ghanizada will discuss how to:

  • Align on a common methodology companies can use to build their SecOps program
  • Modernize people, process, and technologies
  • Use Google’s maturity discovery tool to rank their maturity level against the ASO framework

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