2Chat: Accelerate Your Time to Market with Serverless

Google Cloud Startups

Wed, Jul 27, 4:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

In the current startup environment, we are seeing a slowdown in funding. How do fledgeling companies get around that? One way is to come up with a great business idea and speed your time to market to get your prototype out. The faster you can build and deploy, the sooner you can get your product in front of customers and VCs.

With Google Cloud Run, you can maximize developer productivity and time to market using scalable, containerized applications. Rachel Tsao, Product Manager, Google Cloud, will discuss how you can:

  • Develop and deploy highly scalable applications using your favorite programming language on a fully managed serverless platform without previous container experience.
  • Use Cloud Run to build web applications, APIs, data processing services, and more.
  • Deploy a container that responds to incoming web requests from source or from a container image.
  • Run scheduled database migrations, nightly reports, or batch data transformation.

Rachel will share use cases and a product walkthrough showcasing the simplicity of serverless computing. She will also discuss how you can use serverless to your advantage in the current funding environment.


  • Rachel Tsao

    Google Cloud

    Product Manager for Serverless